Surfing + Yoga = Bliss

Experience inner and outer peace through yoga. Rediscover your flexibility, strength and purpose flowing with the beauty in nature. Reawaken the subtle sensations in the body. Join us for a great yoga and surf holiday retreat.

What we teach

Practising yoga and learning to focus and balance will not only help your surfing. It will also increase your flexibility and strength. An example: sun salutations in yoga help you to get to your feet on your surfboard as the movement is similar to popping up in surfing.

But yoga is not just about asanas (steady postures, both still and moving with the breath). It is also a metaphor for life. Yoga at Tipi Valley is always a very special experience, particularly as there is almost no noise, no distractions.

The yoga we practise is based on traditional Hatha yoga. Our instructors teach a variety of different styles to suit our surf and yoga program. In the morning there will be subtle stretching and movements to complement the day’s activities, helping you feel awakened, and uplifted, particularly from the slightly more dynamic Vinyasa flow. In the afternoon there’s a softer, restorative class that will leave you feeling rested and content at the end of each day.


  • Two classes of 1 hour daily: invigorating in the mornings, restorative in the afternoons
  • Mats and warming blankets when needed
  • Classes are conducted at Tipi Valley except for one usually by the beach

Yoga at the Camp and on the beach  

Our yoga platform overlooks the camp and the valley and is a beautiful space to begin and end your day. Specially designed to accommodate small groups, it ensures that you as our guest have an intimate and a very personalised yoga experience and can fully take advantage of this unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

When conditions are suitable, we take our yoga mats to one of the local beaches to experience yoga in the fresh sea air. Yoga on the beach is always a delight and gives you a real sense of freedom.

We hope you find inner and outer peace at Tipi Valley.

Om and Shanti.