Our passion first and foremost is surfing!

Whether you're standing up for the first time, experiencing that tube ride of a lifetime or just sharing some ocean time with friends – nothing beats the good vibes, good stories and above all, great memories of the surfing life!

Drawing on more than 25 years of surfing experience at world-class breaks all over the globe, we at Tipi Valley take great pleasure in passing on that surfing stoke to beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

We contract a local, fully licensed and insured Portuguese surf school to conduct our surf and yoga educational programs. Our longstanding partnership with Odeceixe Surf School ensures group sizes are kept to a minimum. An excellent range of beginners’ longboards as well as shortboards are available which are ideal and safe for surfers of all levels. You are free to sample our full range of surfing gear, picking and choosing boards as your surfing progresses and according to your comfort level.



  • Daily surf lessons of 1.5 hour in the morning and free surf in the afternoon
  • You will visit three stunning and unspoiled local beaches
  • Patient and safe surf training from qualified local instructors
  • Excellent quality and range of surfboards and wetsuits
  • Transportation to surfing beaches
  • Yoga and stretching classes

At all times we do our best to keep the number of guests to instructor ratio as low as possible to ensure that each guest receives the maximum personal attention. Surf school owners David and Cindy and their team of instructors will not only make sure your surfingprogresses but more importantly that you have fun learning to surf and taking your surfing to the next level.

Laurie´s tips 

Have you been trying to surf? 
Here are a few tips to help you get up on your surfboard and ride for longer.

How this surfing thing works

The week will start with an introduction to the ocean on the first day. Our instructors will explain about safety and give you a bit of surfing theory. It is here we begin to develop a relationship with the ocean and our instructor; it’s also an opportunity for the instructor to assess each guest’s surfing level. After this, instructors will choose a surfboard for you based on your height, weight and surfing ability. (You’re free to change boards at any time during the week.)

Surf lessons are held each morning at one of the three beaches near Tipi Valley. You’ll be picked up from the camp by the surf school. Conditions change daily so we aim to find the beach with the best conditions for you.

Daily lessons of 1.5 hour will be held close to shore mostly, in water no more than waist deep and close to life guarded areas during the swimming season. You’ll surf as a group in a designated flagged area set up by the instructor each day, to maximise group safety.

After a nice picnic lunch in the afternoon, you are encouraged to free surf with your fellow guests and practise and expand on all you’ve learned in the morning class.

Wave seekers will love the Algarve Surf & Yoga Retreat, a happy-hippy teepee village close to some of Portugal’s best beaches.
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The best surf spots in Portugal

With three of the Algarve’s most beautiful and unspoiled surfing beaches right on our doorstep, Tipi Valley can offer you as our guest a variety of surfing conditions to practise in as well as fun, safe and suitable waves no matter what your surfing level.

Our surf truck will head on safari to Odeceixe and Amoreira or just drop in locally to Monte Clerigo Beach to find the best waves of the day. All beaches differ greatly but they all have one thing in common: they are clean, unspoiled and stunningly beautiful.

odeceixe beach

Our surf school is based in Odeceixe and as this is often the best surfing choice for beginners and intermediate surfers, this is where we will often surf.  This absolutely stunning location has a river which winds through the small town and an often uncrowded beach.

All our surf equipment is stored here and we also have good access to showers and toilets. For those wanting to relax into the scene further, this beach also has quaint little coffee shops and restaurants as well as plenty of natural shade.

monte clerigo beach

Monte Clerigo is a charming and quintessentially Portuguese seaside village with a family-friendly beach of soft white sand surrounded by spectacular cliffs. Surfing here is fun, safe and suitable for all levels.

With spectacular scenic walks, tidal pools and just a few coffee shops, this little untouched gem of a beach is the retreat´s closest surf spot. We’ll spend at least one day here introducing you to the ocean and to your surfing practice and equipment.

amoreira beach

Laurie last 154.JPG

The most untouched and isolated of all the local beaches, Amoreira has a real “getting away from it all” vibe. A long, lazy tidal river with fresh water flows up the Amoreira valley and through the town of Aljezur.

Amoreira is also the longest of the three beaches we visit, so there’s ample room for surfers and always a variety of different breaks. When the conditions are right, this can be a perfect spot to advance from surfing the whitewater to catching green waves out the back. There’s just one coffee shop and restaurant here.