Simple Living at Tipi Valley

Tipi Valley lies nestled away in a secluded natural valley amongst 16 acres of native cork trees, and within striking distance of four superb local surf beaches. Our yoga and surf camp reflects our philosophy of “simple living” in a natural, sustainable environment.

Facilities are simple and charmingly rustic but tasteful and suitably comfortable. The camp has been constructed from locally sourced products and is designed to reduce its footprint on its environment. We are not a luxury retreat, nor do we aspire to be one. You won't find a reception area, wifi, office, radios, TV screens, noise or disturbance here. What you will find at Tipi Valley is inner and outer peace.


Tipi Valley provides a simple, effective model for sustainable living. You will experience first hand what it is like to live using the direct energy of the sun. Our camp is completely off the grid and is designed under sustainable principles. We protect and preserve our precious resources such as electricity and water, and use nature for our essential well being and substance.

Although we aim to be as ecologically friendly as possible, there is always more to learn and more to be done. Through this simple yet important example of consuming less, we show we can achieve more in our lifes. Here at Tipi Valley we aim to help to maintain and preserve the environment as well as to promote greater awareness with the programs we offer.


Powered by Mother Nature


All the camp’s limited electricity and heated water is low-consumption solar powered. We have sufficient power for minimum lighting but your mobile, laptop and other 'essential' gadgets will be of little use in the valley (don't worry you can get mobile reception at the beach if so wanted!).

Our three outside showers are built from local cane and bamboo and are private and clean with a hint of the exotic. The sun heats the water naturally during daylight hours. Water pressure is provided by gravity; electricity required for the system is provided by newly added photovoltaic panels, no precious resources are depleted. Our ecological toilets operate as all modern toilets do. They are low flush and conventional in design, but self-composting and non-damaging to the environment. All facilities are outdoors.


Organic Gardening & Cooking

Organic vegetables grown around the retreat are a big part of our ethos – and our meals. We provide deliciously excellent and healthy dinners, made with seasonal ingredients from our own gardens whenever possible and whenever in season. Lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, beetroot, cabbage, peppers, pumpkins, strawberries, lemons, grapes, peaches, plums and all that nature has to offer and also some nice herbs to spice up your meals. We still need to outsource some of the produces but we do our best to do so by reaching for local shops.

The menu offered is predominantly lacto-ovo vegetarian, but not strictly though so we also offer fish and meat options twice a week at least. Let us know if you have any diet restriction when enquiring.

Om Shanti

It’s rustic embracing “simple living” and has been constructed so that all signs of occupation can be removed without leaving a trace on the land.
— Get Lost Magazine


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Tipi Valley is located in the Western Algarve of Southern Portugal.

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