More well-being

Tipi Valley is ideally situated to make the most of this beautiful natural region and is the perfect getaway for outdoor activities and a lifestyle of wellness. Our surf and yoga programs can be beautifully complemented by some of the activities and services of our outsourced contractors. As listed below. Revitalise, relax and reconnect by immersing yourself in nature!



After a day well spent surfing and practising yoga, there is no better way to relax the body and mind than by having a massage within the tranquil setting of the retreat. There are several kinds of massages to choose from; they can be deeply soothing and revitalising or remedial and deep tissue or acupressure to release toxins. Our practitioners are fully licensed professionals and can also help in sports therapy if required.

Massages start at € 35 per half an hour and € 50 to € 60 per hour and can be booked through us.


The possibilities of hiking from the surf and yoga camp and around our property are endless! Trails that run along the cliffs on the coast, gentle walks along the river, beach strolls or more strenuous climbs of the local ridges and hills offer an incredible hiking experience in the Algarve, Portugal.