Taking big steps, leaving small footprints

Tipi Valley strongly believes in sustainable growth, not just in its immediate environment but in its local surroundings and in the world as a whole. We keep our guest numbers to a minimum by operating only between May and October, and promote and support other local businesses in a holistic way.

Seasonal events held by Tipi Valley further highlight our intention to respect, preserve and protect our environment including local culture, which can be negatively affected by sudden change and growth with no clear direction.
Our main aims are to have minimal impact, create minimal disturbance, operate ethically and safely and affecting positive change. Minimal use of resources, reducing waste and using ecological building methods are ways we keep our own house in order.

The Algarve Surf & Ecological Association (ASEA)

Tipi Valley is a contributor to the Algarve Surf & Ecological Association. The Association was primarily formed to create better awareness and preservation of our natural environment (Parque Natural) through it's organised programs and events. ASEA aims to have minimal impact on local ecosystems while providing a positive social and financial contributions to the community and it's contractors and suppliers.

ASEA's three primary objectives are: 

  • Nature conservation
  • Social contribution
  • Environmental awareness through seasonal events.

ASEA is still in its infancy. We currently liaise and work alongside community groups and individuals to help sustain and preserve the areas of great natural beauty in this protected region. Previous programs for orphaned children in Lagos, fundraising events, homeless support, land clearing and fire prevention are just a few of its humble initiatives in recent years. All individuals contracted by ASEA to coordinate seasonal events are required to be fiscally registered in Portugal and abide by its laws and restrictions.


Volunteers are also welcome to help in the running of our programs and events and as well as with the association’s environmental activities.
If you would like to help out in the organic vegetable garden, cook, teach yoga or in some other practical way, please contact us. Send your CV/resume to Cecilia Galvagni (recruitmenttipivalley@gmail.com). Please include dates of availability, general work history and we will keep your information on file to contact you in the case we open new opportunities.